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 I was the biggest of all the elves and some elves even said I have human in me. My mother . . . yes I have a mother . . . says my size just comes from my father’s side of the family.

Hoooooo Hoooo Ho!!! My father says it comes from her side of the family!

Speaking of my father, he is a rancher in Magicland and the animals he raises are called “rein” deer. They’re called reindeer because we eventually put halters and reins on them by which to guide them when they pull sleighs. My father’s reindeer are very special though, because his leap so high and run so fast that they actually fly through the air. That’s how I travel from home to home delivering the Christmas presents at Christmas time.

Now you must understand. The reindeer are my friends and they have names just like you and I. There’s Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. Oh! And of course there’s Rudolph too! He’s known as Rudolph the red nose reindeer because his nose is so shiny it glows a bright red in the night! That’s why I put Rudolph in the very front. His nose helps guide us through the night. Especially on those really foggy nights! Also, his nose helped us pass the international air traffic regulations. Hoooooooo Hoooooooo Ho!!!

 Dasher pulls in the front with Dancer right behind Rudolph. Prancer’s paired with Vixen right behind Dasher and Dancer. Then comes Comet and Cupid and behind them Donner and Blitzen .

Now there’s something most people don’t know! There are so many more children in the world than there used to be, I’ve had to add more reindeer to my team. I have to carry FAR more gifts than EVER before! So, behind Donner and Blitzen is Christian and Shalom and behind them is Zephyr and Lark. Then comes Cookie and Gnome and last but not least Fission and Stark.

A few years ago the elves brought to my attention a great need to pick up our pace. Not only had my delivery route grown far too long and the stops too frequent, but the making of enough toys took more than a year. Christmas must come once a year at the same time, month, and day!

So I asked them what I should do, to which they replied with a shout, “Modernize!”    CLICK here to see in Barnes & Nobles

 Click here to see  A Letter From Santa - Dear Christian Child was written especially, about being a Christian child at Christmas. I know it's probably difficult to understand when at times you see me, Santa, sitting in a mall or store visiting with other children, and Mom angrily pulls you away! Some Church Elders have gone so far as to teach your folks that 'Santa' is an evil creation, invented to take away from Jesus at Christmas. But, you see so many parents lined up with their children to see 'Santa'! And so many are laughing and having fun! You hear the children shout the name 'Santa Claus' with glee and they're so excited they look like they're going to bust! 'Santa' (me) smiles and picks up a child onto his lap and asks the child what his or her name is, and if he or she has been good all year. Then I want to know what the child wants for Christmas! In most cases a picture is taken for a lasting memory of child and 'Santa'. And I'm is so nice to them! How can anything be wrong with that you might wonder? Many times what is wrong with the typical 'Santa' whom you see visiting in the local mall or store is he's just a guy in a Santa suit. Often, even the beard and hair isn't real. Many times the mall or store that hired him expects him to hear only the material needs and desires of the children he talks with. And they want to sell the parents that moment of Christmas cheer caught in a photograph of their child sitting on 'Santa's' lap. Of course the price goes up every year. it's all about sales which is all about money." They forget that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus the Christ and that's why your dear Christian Mom is angry and doesn't want you there. But if the guy in the red suit sitting there is me or one of MY helpers there's a specific question you can ask and a very important answer Santa will respond with and if you read this book you'll KNOW!    Click here to see A Letter From Santa in Amazon

Click here to see on Trafford   Dear ___________,

Santa here again! Hoooooo Hoooooo Ho!!!

I know it's been awhile since I've written but I thought I'd drop you a line and ask a little favor from you.

You know the Easter Bunny right?

Well, see, he's a REALLY good friend of mine and he promised to make me some REALLY special Easter eggs this year. He's making me special Easter eggs because we're celebrating the anniversary of our friendship. It's the 500th year since we met!

That's right! 500 years ago, when he was just a teenie weenie little bunny we met for the very first time!

Now I know right now you're probably saying, "No way! A bunny can't live for 500 years!"

Hoooooooooooo Hooooooooooooo Hooooooooo!!!   CLICK HERE to Amazon

Click here to see A Letter From Santa - Even The Easter Bunny Knows!!! is a fun Christian children's book written in "letter style" by Santa Niclaus to all his little friends young and younger alike. Santa simply wants to inspire children to celebrate all our holidays both Christian and secular in a Christian manner and have fun at the same time. Santa also wants to empower the children so they can feel free to let their Christian light shine for all the other children to see. So in A Letter From Santa - Even The Easter Bunny Knows!!! , he and the Easter Bunny have teamed up to deliver an exciting new way for children to celebrate Easter and learn scripture verses all while enjoying a traditional Easter egg hunt. Santa and Easter encourage the children to invite their friends to the hunt so that they too may learn the true meaning of Easter.           SEE ON Amazon

Click here to see The Little Scarecrow Boy comes to life in the light of the Harvest Moon when a little spark of life essense comes over Hay's forehead and passes through the fibers of burlap from which Hay's head is made. He suddenly awakens and he leaps off of the workbench only to fall in a heap on the floor. That's when he meets Marie Mare and Horace Horse and gets his name - Hay Baggins! All because Horace sees him as just a big bag of hay! The he meets Pyro Pig, Robbie Rooster and Angus McBull and they begin a journey throughout Ole' MacDonald's Farm asking everyone they meet if they have any idea how to wake up Hay's Mom and Dad - Mrs Scarecrow and Mr Scarecrow.    Click Here to see on Amazon

Hay Baggins the little scarecrow boy, and his friends having a good laugh!  CLICK HERE to see more